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More than 80 adults and children greet Bishop Paul at Darlington station on his arrival to start hsi 4 days of prayer walks around the area.

Images – Prayer Walks 2016 Darlington-Stockton

Images from the Bishop of Durham’s Prayer Walks 2016 in Darlington and Stockton Areas  

Bishop Paul opens St Helen's Church at Beamish Open Air Museum. The medieval church once stood derelict in Eston in York Diocese. Bishop Paul with Museum Director Richard Evans

Images – Durham Church Attraction Opening

Images from the opening of St Helen’s at Beamish Open Air Museum.  

Ian Ramsey C of E Academy students Phoebe (13) and Kimberly (13)

Images – Prayer Spaces Taster Day

Images from the Prayer Spaces Taster Day

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Ordination in two minutes

This is a time lapse video of the Ordination of Priests service from Durham Cathedral on Saturday 4th 2015. The idea was to show the various stages of the service…